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For detailed ongoing  and specialized volunteer opportunities, check out our connection with Volunteer Match.
Volunteer Opportunities
Most positions will need to be adults, but some High School youth that are willing to take training can join in the fun of spreading the message of peace and building good character education programs.  All volunteers are required to provide a Criminal Background Check if you are working with children.  You can arrange it or we can at your request.  Training can be provided for all positions.
Volunteer Application Forms
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Volunteer Application
Volunteer Application
Volunteer Application
Please fill out the entire Volunteer Application and FAX back to 866-950-8080 then mail the original forms to:
Children's PEACE Center
Volunteer Coordinator 
203 E 12th St
Kearney, MO  64060
Click FIND, then enter zipcode 30101 and the keyword PEACE to find our listings.  Or just email us to let us know how you'd like to help.
Adult volunteers learn the steps to conflict resolution.
Volunteers are the critical "piece" to "peace".  Here they help with "Arts for Peace" craft projects.

Teens can learn mediation and mentoring skills while having a lot of fun helping the younger children develop good character traits such as helping a person that can't see.  (Teen volunteers require an adult sponsor.)
Volunteers are the "key to peace" in guiding fun discussions and discoveries.
Opportunities for Involvement:

Peace Guide Volunteer - Peace Guide volunteers are CPC's on-site hosts helping museum visitors understand and interact with each of the exhibits.  They guide “teams” to the exhibits, ensure appropriate discussion and teamwork is used to enhance the visitors learning experience, and facilitate the museum's traffic flow. 

Peace Instructors - Parents and Community Leaders tasked with presenting a character education lesson in the classroom.  Usually one hour timeframe, training and lesson materials provided.  

Program Director - This volunteer will get to do fun stuff like art projects, puzzles, reading books, games, and much, much more with CPC's visitors during special activities, camps, and events.  Help children learn by assisting with planning, set-up and conducting of various workshops, presentations and demonstrations.

Marketing and/or Public Relations - Assist in marketing the programs and museum visits, work with media to make public aware of programs and plans. 

Newsletter Editor/Reporters- Coordinate, organize, write ariticles, and publish an online newsletter.  Quarterly Newsletters go out on the 10th of each quarter (Feb, May, Aug, Nov.  Need to be able to meet deadlines and encourage others to write articles, research articles that coorespond with the Mission of the museum and Newsletter.  

Office Volunteer - An office-savvy volunteer would be much appreciated to help with mailings, copying, filing, phone calling, typing, data entry, and other type office jobs. Experience with Microsoft OFFICE 2003-2007 is needed.  
Sewing Volunteer - Our museum features several exhibits where children will use costumes to act out their play.  The museum will provide supplies and patterns for the wonderful volunteer who can transform them into these sewn works of art. 
Field Trip Volunteer - CPC provides one of the few Character Education destinations for schools from miles around. A Field Trip volunteer is responsible for helping these groups by assisting in recruiting Peace Guide volunteers, scheduling Field Trips and In-House Field Trips, attending preliminary meetings in preparation and advertising of trips, working closely with the School Counselor and/or Principal, conducting Visits, fielding questions, and other tasks to make them feel welcome and comfortable. 
Handy-person - Handy-man or woman is needed to help keep CPC shiny & new!  We need volunteers to perform preventative and restorative maintenance on exhibits, build simple components, and other odd jobs.  Includes making craft supplies and resources.

Woodworking - Experienced craftsman that can cut out backing for puzzles, designing and building some exhibits.    

Fundraising Events Coordinator - CPC is in need of a Fundraising Coordinator to develop and implement an annual fundraiser or suggest other types of funding.  Some can be done online, some on site, some at home.

Grantwriter - CPC is in need of a dedicated and detail oriented person to help write grants.  Grants are the main funding source for school field trips and to provide other programs for children that are "at risk" or from "low income families".  Perform research on Internet, experience preferred but will provide training.

Puppeteer Volunteer - This volunteer will recruit other puppeteers to develop and perform puppet plays for children in Preschool and Elementary, that deal with the Museum’s mission of peacemaking.  May work directly with children to assist them in presenting their own puppet play dealing with conflict resolution steps.

Storyteller, Drama, Writer, Artist Volunteer - Volunteers to create and develop stories for children that teach peacemaking skills, present mini-dramas for and with children, create a take-home booklet, and do storytelling followed by an object lesson craft.  

Financial Officer - Accounting or Financial person able to develop budgets, assist with Business Planning and or Strategic Planning.  Work with Finance Committee of Board.    

Board Recruitment - Looking for volunteers to recruit individuals or serve on the Board.  Looking for Board Members with professional background and contacts, ability to contribute financially and with time commitments.  Need Early or Elementary Educational background, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, Fundraising, Real Estate, Banking, Education, Legal, Museum, Character Education, violence prevention support, Conflict Resolution, Non-Profit Agencies, etc.  Board Members will be expected to do major fundraising, serve on at least one Committee, perform other jobs as required in the development of a new Children’s Museum, site location, and have a passion for helping children develop life long learning skills, making good choices, and building better relationships in families and communities. 
Volunteer Job Descriptions
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Volunteer College and University Internship Opportunities Click Here.
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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We Love Our Volunteers! 
Volunteers are key to the success of the Children's P.E.A.C.E. Center.  Individuals and organizations are welcome to volunteer on either a one-time-only or continuing basis.  If you are interested in becoming a CPC volunteer call us at 770-917-8815 or email 
We're looking for Grant Writers,  Newsletter Reporters  and  Editors, Program Directors,  Day Camp Directors,  Day Camp Counselors, Board Members,  Exhibit Builders,  Woodworkers,  Peace Guides,  Puppeteers, Administrative Assistants,  Artists,  Writers,  Phone Callers,  and  general all around helpers.  


The Children's PEACE Center offers a number of internship opportunities for university and college students.  The positions available include:

·Education & programming 
·Fundraising & administration 
·Graphic design 
·Human resources 
·Public relations 
Individuals interested in applying for an internship position should e-mail a letter of introduction and a resume to 

Interns encourage creative thinking during Role-Plays
Enthusiasm in learning challenges Interns
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