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CHARACTER IN CLASS (estimate 8 sessions, plus Field Trip, K-5th)
Once Grade level at a time in school classroom sessions emphasize developing good character traits such as respect, responsibility, good listening and communication skills, anger/conflict management and violence prevention steps. Trained volunteers become “Peace Educators” and present a character lesson in the classroom.  Timeframe in the classroom can be adjusted from 30-60 minutes.  The lesson plan may include discussion, activity sheets, craft, role play, teamwork, quiet reflection, and hands-on activities.  The basic lesson plan is taken from the “Learning for Life®” curriculum.  A Manual will be given to the school for further activities and lessons.  A Pre and Post test will be presented to the students for evaluation if desired.   It is recommended that a minimum of eight sessions be presented in the classrooms.  This can be done twice a week, once a week, or extended over a longer period depending on the class/school schedule.  After the sessions are presented, each participating classroom is invited to a Field Trip with the Children’s PEACE Center exhibits.  This can be an "In House" Field Trip or arranged at a convenient location so participants can put into practice what they’ve learned or completed with a visit from the Peace Mobile.  This reinforces the classroom concepts in a fun, hands-on, experiential manner.  The program can be done for one complete grade level at a time or more as worked out with the school.  Scheduling is flexible.
This is a highly recommended program to aide schools in meeting the Character Education goals mandated by the Georgia Board of Education.  All lesson plans are tested and approved by the Board of Education and all hands-on exhibits support the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and Quality Core Curriculum (QCC) and have been utilized in various schools for over 8 years.

DISCOVER PEACE (estimate one week timeframe, Entire School, K-5th)
Character Education/Violence Prevention In-House Field Trip or Regular Field Trip for large groups or entire school.
Entire program set up at school or other location for week or longer timeframe in gymnasium space, minimum of 2000 Sq Ft.  Volunteer intensive program, one adult to four children, benefits Elementary children as they are introduced to basic peacemaking skills in 45-60 minute sessions.  Will accommodate maximum of 100 participants an hour if enough volunteers are available..
Covers four concepts of peace:  inner peace, learning to identify and control emotions are included in BE ME;  community peace, conflict resolution, communication and teamwork is in the BE A COMMUNITY section; cultural diversity, languages, global community relations are learned in the BE GLOBAL section, and the message of ecology and appreciation of nature is in the BE EARTHWISE section.
These are all presented with interactive, hands-on exhibits including puppets, puzzles, computers, crafts, role plays and discussions.  These are fun, entertaining, educational, and challenge the participants to develop good teamwork in order to reach their goals. 
It is highly recommended for schools, youth organizations and locations that have large spaces.  It is not designed for short single day activities or one time events, This program has been in operation since 1996 and has traveled from Florida to Canada with amazingly positive responses.

PEACE MOBILE (Any timeframe, max 20 children, K-5th)
A mobile classroom stocked with learning centers that bring the message of peace to 20-25 children at a time in 60-90 minute intervals.  It includes puppets, computers, puzzles, games, thinking challenges, crafts, a bridge that teaches the steps to conflict resolution, and lots of activities to encourage children to make better choices in their daily activities and develop better character traits. 
The Peace Mobile can be used in shorterm activities and Day events. It can be brought to your organization for camps or special programs.  Great for smaller groups that are unable to house the larger programs.  This is a new program and booking fills up fast, so plan your schedules ahead.

PEACEMAKING 101 (estimate six-eight lessons, 2nd-5th)
An introduction to peacemaking for 2nd-5th grade students in six-eight one hour lessons.  Themes include Effective Communication, Relationships, Being a Good Friend, Ethics, Better Decision Making, Accepting Consequences for our choices, Doing "What's Right", Peer Pressure, Anger & Conflict Managment along with Violence Prevention techniques.  Students create their own role play/puppet show to teach others what they've learned in class, plus a a take-home booklet of the projects they've worked on.  A Pre and Post Test is available if desired.
This is a good resource for small classes, homeschool groups, and can be included in After School sessions.  Some lessons include the use of exhibits and hands-on activities, crafts, and drama.


PEACE CAMP - K-5th, Learn peacemaking skills with fun games, computers, puzzles, puppets, snacks, crafts, conflict resolution plays, and other activities with a Bible based guidance theme.  A week long day camp or VBS. 

PEACE FOR ALL CAMP - K-5th, Secular version of the above.

CHARACTER CAMP - Third-Sixth Grade, Learn character education skills with fun games, computers, role plays, small group discussions and themed events.  A week long day camp related to building good character.

$WISE KIDS - Third-Sixth Grade, Learn basic money management, earning, saving, spending and giving.  Participants learn about checking accounts, credit cards, return on investment, as well as wise shopping habits in a small scale "City".  B$WISE - Intergenerational week long evening camp for Adults, Teens, Youth, Children.- Content same as above except all age appropriate with guest speakers on topics.  Both Financial Camps are best done for large groups.

A customized workshop for Daisy’s, Brownies, and Junior Girl Scouts to help them earn badges.  Presented once every two years or upon request.  Troops register a timeslot to visit the program and are guided through various activities to earn portions of or an entire badge. 

Other Programs are being developed, contact us for more information.

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A Homeschool Experience
An introduction to building peacemaking skills for 2nd-5th grade students.  Themes include Effective Communication, Relationships, Being a Good Friend, Ethics, Better Decision Making, Accepting Consequences for our choices, Doing "What's Right", Peer Pressure, Anger & Conflict Management along with Violence Prevention techniques.
Students Role-Play to show Dishonest vs Honest Actions and how our Friends can provide good and/or bad "Peer Pressure".
If you'd like to have this program for your Homeschool group or organization, click here for the Syllabus and costs.
Program Listings
A program to help support the Georgia mandated requirements for Character Education for grades Kindergartern through Fifth.  Classroom sessions emphasize developing good character traits such as respect, responsibility, good listening and communication skills, anger/conflict management and violence prevention steps.  A Pre/Post Test is available.  A choice of four to eight classroom sessions, followed by a Field Trip with the Children's PEACE Center exhibits.  This can be an "In-House" Field Trip or arranged at a convenient location.
If you'd like to have this program at your school or Classroom, and to see a sample Syllabus .
Program Listings
It takes teamwork to walk with the land skis.
Puppets help us understand the steps to resolving our conflicts.
Sharing knowledge helps us learn more.
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These "Camps" can be used as a Day Camp for your organization, or can be included as part of your own Camp program.  Contact us for details.
B$WISE - Family Financial Peace Camp  (Intergenerational)
WHO:   Adults, Teens, and Children.  Intergenerational Activities, plus age appropriate classes for all to learn financial practices. (Nursery provided if requested)
Limited to first 80 to register. Contact us for costs and how to book it for you.
Camp includes light evening meal, all supplies, activities, crafts, financial forms, and handouts.
Large groups of childen prepare to discover peace with lots of fun, hands-on activities. Parents and Teachers act as "Peace Guides" to guide discussions and activities.
Children learn different greetings from various countries while they learn to understand our World Neighbors.
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The Mobile Museum Classroom is cristened "Children's PEACE Mobile".  Ready for Service.
Peace Mobile – The mobile museum classroom filled with 12+ learning centers (exhibits) that bring the message of peace to 20-25 children at a time in 60-90 minute intervals for K-5. Introduces understanding others, conflict resolution, and peacemaking.  Great for smaller organizations, too.
Hands-on exhibits and learning centers teach character education, violence prevention and peacemaking..
WHAT: “B$WISE Camp” a week long intergenerational evening experience of fun, games, crafts, puzzles, storytelling, and hands-on activities to learn the basic skills of handling money wisely, learning to budget, make good shopping choices, introduction to balancing a checkbook, ATM, credit cards, saving and spending wisely.  Best for ages 7 yrs-Adult.  Nursery provided upon request.  Special guest speakers nightly, Professional instructors and lively intergenerational events.

Your donation helps bring these programs to Title 1 Schools, at risk children, and others that are unable to afford the learning experience.
WHEN:  You can book this for your group.
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We've just completed several Summer Peace Camps and Back to School Events for 2011.  Now scheduling School Field Trips.