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We're hanging on, because we're excited about the fun things we can learn. But we need a place to visit so we can learn peace skills.  Can you help us?   
We need a place to play and learn teamwork.  We can't GO without you.  Won't you join us?  We need your support with time, talent and treasure.   

How much is our future worth?
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We are looking for a "home" to house our Children's Peace Museum and be able to expand our programs to better serve you.  We would like to have from 5,000 - 30,500 Sq Ft and eventually 5+ acres.  If you know of a place in or around Clay County Missouri, please call or email us.  Thanks
We have programs, activities, camps, workshops, seminars and other fun events planned for children, their families and the community.  However, we need a place to set up our Museum.  We are currently a "Museum Without Walls".  For our current basic program we require 5000 Sq Ft of space.  To build the permanent museum we're looking for 5,000 to 30,500 Sq Ft of space.  Our dream is to have 5 plus acres in order to provide a  nature habitat for the children to experience real live nature, and for a "mini-day-retreat" center for families to visit for a day, have picnics, provide a modified "low ropes course", and just relax as they grow closer in their own family relationship.  We have "three and a half" phases planned:

 Our first "half" phase is a mobile classroom.  We were donated a 8'x36' Fifth Wheel trailer that has been converted into a classroom type/museum experience for the children.  It's finally finished.  It is now available to travel to schools, homeschools, and other venues.  It holds up to 20 children plus adult leaders per session.  It is filled with 12 plus exhibits/learning centers with the same focus of peacemaking, teamwork, and conflict resolution  from each of our regular museum sections.  It can provide 30-90 minute "Field Trip" fun and hands-on learning.  This phase is now ready for operation.  Call us to book the new Children's PEACE Mobile today.

The first full phase will be the completion of the Children's Peace Museum in a permanent location.  This will allow your families to join in the fun too and provide the ability to schedule school Field Trips on a regular basis. The Children's Peace Museum will include all four concepts of peace...Be Me, Be A Community, Be Global and Be Earthwise.  There will be lots of new and expanded programs and offerings in the permanent building location that can't be offered in our current traveling programs.  These will still include activities for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade that teach self esteem, emotion management, conflict resolution, character education, cultural diversity, international language appreciation, and ecology for our world.  In addition, we plan to provide space for Birthday Parties and special events, along with a Gift Shop and Craft classes.  A special highlight will be the "World Neighborhood" which will enable a child to "visit" various countries and learn how they live, play, eat, sing and share peace.

The second full phase will be "Toddler Tracks" which is a Baby to Pre-School area for Early Childhood learning. It will include tactile activities to spark little ones minds.  Special areas help them learn sharing with others and caring for pets and small animals through the use of different Habitats with play animals.  Special times may include the introduction of live animals so children can learn how to interact without hurting them.

The proposed third phase is "Stewardship City" for 4th-7th grade youth which provides experiential learning in a small scale "City" to see what it takes to live and run a City and business day to day. This will teach the basics of integrity, budgeting, and economics while allowing the youth hands-on experience in  working together. 

The future may present opportunities to offer specialized programs for High School, Adults and Families.  
Proposed Phases for the Peace Center
Sample ideas for World Neighborhood - Africa and Mexico  and Museum Gift Shop.  (From Worldways Museum in St. Louis, Mo. Used by Permission
The way we found it.......
Sample Toddler play area which represent various Natural Habitats.
Sample stores, from Exchange City in KCMO, a product of Junior Achievement, used by permission.
It's Up to YOU!  
Peace is Possible.  
Can you see the Possibilities?  Please join us.
Can you see the dream becoming a reality?

It's up to YOU!

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