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Our Founding Board of Directors 2003
From Left to Right...
Barbara Hughes - Secretary/Treasurer
Martha Schulte - Vice President
Carol Braby - Director of Development
Andria Melham - President, Founder
Board, Boundaries, and Business
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2012 Board of Directors
Andria Melham - President/Founder
Our Board members are all very involved with the goals and mission of the Children's PEACE Center.  All volunteer their time, energies and money.  But mostly their love for the children.
Andi encourages the children's participation.
Jeanne Robinson -  Director/Treasurer, CPA
Cris Force - Secretary
Cris empowers children to think and make better life choices.
Annual Reports
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Jeanne and her son, Bob, held the first Birthday Party with the Peace Mobile back in 1996.  They continue to equip others with their message of peace. 
Bob is now in College and still spreading the message of peace.
Thanks Bob & Jeanne

Larry Pool, PhD
Larry and his wife, Diane, love to help children experience the outdoors and all creation.
Board Committees
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We're looking for youth oriented individuals that would like to make a difference in a child's life and in your community.  We're building our Board of Directors, our Advisory Board and a Community Support Team.  If you'd like to join us in our efforts, or know someone that would be a good resource or contact, please email us.
Elementary Guidance Counselor
Family & Children Counselor
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Our Thanks to them for their Vision and hard work getting it all started.
Board Expertise

Stephen Costen - Director
Jim Gallagher - Friend
Frazier Dworet - Business Consultant
CPC Annual Report 2008  "Fantastic Five"
Five Year Anniversary
CPC First Annual Report 2003
"Come Together"
Advisory Board
Community Support Team
Stephen enjoys helping the children learn to make good choices on their own.
Data Warren - Director/Secretary
Dennis Conninghton is a fantastic Peace Guide and helps at events when he can.
BJ Stolpman - Accountant & Friend
Data loves to help the children understand the message of peace.
Jim Melham - Partner, Husband, Friend, Peacemaker and very hard worker.